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Căușeni is a town and the administrative center of Căușeni District, Moldova.

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The 17th century Assumption of Our Lady Church is the oldest surviving building in the town. It is set more than 3 feet (0.91 m) below ground level and preserves the only medieval fresco in the Republic of Moldova. Executed by Walachian painters in a late Byzantine-Romanian style, the interiors feature religious scenes and iconography in vibrant reds, gold, and blues.


After the inclusion of Bessarabia in the Russian Empire, the city gradually degraded to a village. In the autumn of 1940, the Soviet authorities transformed Căușeni into a district center. In the post-war period, the Căușeni people obviously expanded their industrial area, and their population grew rapidly. Being a district center in 1965, it obtains official city status. Here operated the cannery, the bread and brick factories, activated the communal enterprises and the service facility, etc.


The city of Căușeni is located in the southeast of the Republic of Moldova, 3 km from the Căușeni railway station and 73 km from Chisinau, in the steppe terraces of the Lower Dniester


The aquatic bottom with an area of 54 ha consists of the river Botna, a lot of small streams and 10 ponds with an area of 21 ha


The total area of the city is 10,030 ha., Of which the lands with agricultural destination occupy 5,980 ha or 59.6%. The total area of green spaces is 257.5 ha, most of which is occupied by forest production plantations 120.4 ha or about 47% of the total.

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