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Edineț is a district in the north-west of Moldova, with the administrative center at Edineț. The other major city is Cupcini. As of 1 January 2011, its population was 82,900

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The successes enjoyed by district librarians, organizing poetry recitals, discussions of books, contests. Each library is organized book exhibitions. Annual district participate in the Republican "the sources of wisdom."


The first document in which Edineț also appears is the gramota from July 15, 1431, through which the lord of Moldavia Alexandru cel Bun donated to Ivan Cupcici 14 villages with their old borders and deserted places in order to establish new villages and a prisaca. According to this document, the old name of Edineț is Viadineți. The name of Edineț is documented in 1663, remaining stable until today.


The fauna is characteristic of both Eastern Europe and the central ones is represented by: fox, deer, boar, raccoon dog, ferret, rabbit. Rarely marten, wolf, wild cat. Of birds: woodpecker, tit, cuckoo, starling, sparrow. Rarely quail, partridges and marsh hawk.