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Ocnița is a district in the north of Moldova, with the administrative center at Ocnița. The other major cities are Otaci and Frunză. As of 1 January 2011, its population was 56,100.


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The first evidence of a locality in the district comes from 1419, when is attested the city Otaci, called Stânca Vămii. Other historical attestations of district towns down to the period 1422–1431 when the localities are listed first: Hădărăuți, Mihălășeni, Lipnic, Naslavcea and others. 20 August 1470, at Lipinți was famous Battle of Lipnic, the river, where the Moldavian military, led by Stephen the Great, defeated the armies of the Crimean Khanate led by Murtada


In the following centuries the territory adjacent to the boundary of the district today is the Principality of Moldavia: Grand Duchy of Lithuania later the Polish-Lithuanian Union and Russian Empire. In 1812 the district as a whole is occupied Bessarabia by the Russian Empire after the Treaty of Bucharest. In 1918 with the Union of Bessarabia with Romania entering the land Hotin district region. In 1940, following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Bessarabia again this time is occupied by the USSR. In 2004 the population was 56.500 inhabitants of the district.


Fauna district is a typical central and eastern Europe include: hedgehogs, wild boar, fox, rabbit, badger, polecat. Rarely deer, spotted deer, wolf and raccoon dog.


Ocnița district is located in the basins of two rivers Nistru in east-central part which holds the district with a length by tributaries of 20–30 km. Prut river basin owns the south-west part of district has tributaries in the upper: Racovăț and Ciuhur.