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Șoldănești is a district in the north-east of Moldova, with the administrative center at Șoldănești. As of 1 January 2011, its population was 43,300.

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Soldanesti district is located in north-eastern of Moldova, is the neighborhood north and west Florești District, in the north-east Camenca District, in east Rîbnița District, south Telenești and Rezina districts. The territory is located within the Plateau of Nistru, the relief is moderately, fragmented and represented by plateaus, low hills and dales wide and hilly interfluvial shaped strings.


In the 16th–18th centuries, continued economic development (trade, crafts), cultural (build churches, monasteries) and has been a marked increase in the population. Since late 18th and early 19th century, the region's economic decay occurs as a result of the constant wars led by Poland, the Ottoman Empire and Russian Empire for influence in the region. In 1812 Treaty of Bucharest divides Basarabia from the Principality of Moldova, the first being ceded to Russia. In 1918, after the collapse of the Russian Empire, Basarabia decide union with the motherland Romania, during this period (1918–1944) district, is part of Soroca County. Basarabia is again busy this time of the USSR after the Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty.


The fauna of the district is typical of Central Europe is characterized by: foxes, hedgehogs, hares, wild boars, deer, wildcats and wolves. Of birds there are: quail, egrets, hawks, storks, crows, seagulls and others.


The district is located in the Nistru River basin, the river Ciorna is the main river in the district. You meet many sources of drinking water, groundwater is at depths between 0.5 m and 10–15 m.