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Briceni is a districtin the north-west of Moldova, with the administrative center at Briceni. The other major city is Lipcani. As of January 1, 2011, its population was 75,300.


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Located in the extreme northwest of the Republic of Moldova, the district borders Ukraine in the north, Ocnița District in the east, Edineț District in the south, and Romania in the west, across the river Prut. Criva village located in the district is the western point of the Republic of Moldova. District located on the Plateau of Moldavia, has a relief with a mean fragmentation. With a low land sliding process. Maximum altitude in the district is located near the village Bălcăuți, reaching heights of 260 m.


The first documentary attestation dates back to district towns June 17, 1429. Such localities: Lipcani, Larga, Mihăileni, Șirăuți are mentioned first in the period 1429–1433. In July 1429, reign of Moldova Alexander the Good Dan Uncleata had established him several villages in the region of the district today. In 1562 is first attested Briceni city under the name of the land Adicăuți, Hotin, which gave him his Despot Voda to Vartic. Lipcani Tatars in 1699 are displaced living in the city which they called, being displaced to Kamianets-Podilskyi. In 1788 Austrian military administration Briceni found in 56 households. In 1812 after the Treaty of Bucharest, Moldova is occupied by Russian Empire in the period 1812-1918 as the district is under Russian administration.


Fauna of the district is typical of European forest steppe, characterized by: hare, hedgehog, squirrel, fox, stone marten, weasel, less deer, wild boar, badger and rarely elk. Of birds, there are: skylark, blackbird, quail, stork, starling, less partridges and pheasant.


The main rivers that cross the district are: Vilia, Larga, Lopatnic (57 km), but rivers Racovăț (68 km) and Draghiște (67 km) crossing in the upper. Briceni District is in the Prut river basin. Most lakes are of artificial origin.