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The presence of water in abundance, as well as the special fertility of the soil, conditioned the founding of the old village. Ungheni has always been located in the immediate vicinity of important trade routes in the past, such as the Great Moldovan Trade Road and the Fishermen's Road. Thus, the geographical location of the city today was the essential condition for its appearance and evolution.

Spring Mountain

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In 1812 the Treaty of Bucharest, Basarabia is occupied by the Russian Empire at this time (1812–1917), has an intense russification of the native population. In 1876–1877 is built spotted Prut between Ungheni (Moldova) and common Ungheni (Romania) Eiffel Bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Gustave Eiffel in this period, visit Ungheni. 


Villages with ancient historical credentials are Buciumeni, Busila and Ungheni, they are documented in the period 1428–1430. About noble families who ruled the territory known as follows: the 1462 Pan Bratul, Procelnic's son, reigned here. This Procelnic was Stoian, advice nobleman in the reign of Alexander the Good, and participant in the Battle of Grunwald in 1422. Other relatives of the warrior, master settlement in 1490, until the 17th century. Beginning with the reign of Vasile Lupu, his cousin, marshal Iorga, buy here parts of estates. After his death he bequeathed to the village of his sisters Alexandra and Creata. Their life in Ungheni died in the late 18th century. 


     Terrain, slippery due to the Central Moldavian Plateau, west along the Prut River valley is a depression that is Ungheni. With numerous fauna animals.


    District is located in the basin of the Prut River, crossed the Prut in west of district, the border with Romania over a distance of 80 km. The main tributary is Delia. Are 132 ponds.  They come to the surface through wells 6170 (70 fountains) and 67 springs.


Soil chernozems (75%) in valleys and plains and brown soil on the plateau. The highest point of the district is Veverița Hill, 408 meters

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